Holy Orders

The Sacrament of Holy Orders is the continuation of Christ's priesthood, which He bestowed upon His Apostles; thus, the Catechism of the Catholic Church refers to the Sacrament of Holy Orders as "the Sacrament of Apostolic Ministry."

In the Sacrament of Holy Orders, a man is incorporated into the priesthood of Christ at one of three levels: the episcopate, the priesthood, or the diaconate.

The Sacrament of Holy Orders can be validly conferred only on baptized men, following the example set by Christ and His Apostles, who chose only men as their successors and collaborators. A man cannot demand ordination; the Church has the authority to determine eligibility for the Sacrament.

Published on May 19, 2010

This video celebrates the vocation of the priesthood and recalls the initial calling to the vocation. Please share to inspire and thank a special priest in your life.

Published on May 27, 2010

We believe that Jesus Christ, the son of God, became human. And that when he came among us, he was and is our true and eternal high priest. He is also the prophet of God and he is truly the shepherd king or ruler of God's people. Featuring Msgr. John Zenz, of the archdiocese of Detroit.

Ty Jackson explain the Sacrament of Holy Orders

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